Past Event: Four Chefs, One Mission Fundraiser Event

On Wednesday 7th September 2019 we hosted our Four Chefs, One Mission fundraiser for Oz Harvest.

Paper Daisy’s Executive Chef, Jason Barratt, joined forces with Alistair Waddell (Harvest), Jason Saxby (Raes) and Alex Munoz Labart (Restaurant Labart) to create a sustainable and delicious four-course showcase dinner. Each chef’s creativity shone as they produced sustainable dishes with a focus on minimising waste and maximising flavour.

Our generous partners for this event included Stone & Wood, Dog Point Winery, and Hust Distillers.

We delighted to announce that the profits from the event will enable OzHarvest – Australias leading food rescue Charity – to provide 10,000 meals to those in need. Read more about OzHarvest here